When the temperature is cold we have heating going indoors to keep us warm and heat rises so it is toasty warm in roof voids which is attractive to both possums and bush rats.

In the quiet of the night you will hear scratching sound or it could sound like someone tap dancing in army boots!

Normally we will get a call in the morning to ask us to come and check out the noise in the roof and through droppings we can tell if you have possums or rats and then take the appropriate action.

if its bush rats we will bait them and for possums we trap and release the possums (as they are protected). Before we do this though we find out where they are getting in so you can seal the area.

Possums travel in pairs and when you have trapped one and get all excited you do not want to seal where they are getting in until you have trapped the 2nd possum.

If you have noises in your call Bob 00407 065 413 who will investigate and fix your problem once and for all.

Source: Pest Treatment


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